Mark Lingeman for State Representative

Some Thoughts

Choice/Reproductive freedom – most Americans support it (2021-Pew research).

LGBTQ rights – most Americans are fine with them (2021 Gallup)

African American history – A 2022 CBS poll finds most Americans think teaching it is important.

Election fraud – polls by Northeastern, Northwestern, Rutgers, and Harvard finds most Americans believe the last election was secure

Guns? 2020 Gallup poll finds most Americans want stricter laws.

It’s possible:

– to be gay and Christian

– to believe in God and science

– to be pro-choice and anti-abortion

– to be feminist and respect men

– to believe in sensible gun regulation and to believe in one’s right to defend self, family, and property

– to be anti-war and pro military

– to advocate BLM and be pro-police

– to love thy neighbor and despise his actions

– to not have an education and be brilliant

– to be Muslim and suffer at the hands of terrorists

– to be a non-American fighting to achieve the American dream

– to be different and the same

– We are all walking contradictions of what “normal” looks like, so let’s let humanity and love win 

Democracy works best when EVERYONE participates.